A powerful new approach
to thematic investing

Breaking the mold of sector investing to uncover
deeply-rooted social, political and economic trends

The Long View: Motif Capital's Current High-Conviction Themes

These themes can be used as building blocks for your equity portfolio

Aging Population

Firms that cater to the growing segment of seniors and retirees living with chronic conditions

Information Explosion

Hardware and software providers that process, persist and protect data to derive actionable insights

National Defense

Defense contractors benefiting from increased pressure for the US to sustain its military leadership

Next-Gen Consumer

Firms catering to online, brand-conscious consumers focused on experiential spending


Firms benefiting from the demand for robots that operate with greater precision, flexibility, and safety

Infrastructure Rebuild

Firms that benefit from the growing political consensus to revamp aging infrastructure in the U.S.

Digital Finance

Firms that are enabling the digitization of payments, lending, investing, insurance, contracts

Artificial Intelligence

Companies enabling complex cognitive capabilities in intelligent machines, e.g. vision, speech recognition

US Energy Independence

Energy-hungry firms benefiting from the unlocking of vast unconventional US oil and gas reserves

Breakthrough insights fueled by data and technology

Unique Ideas

We uncover real, quantifiable trends from traditional and unconventional data sources, identifying long-term themes often overlooked by common investing frameworks.

Bespoke Products

Our thematic strategies can be customized and deployed within a range of products for institutional clients including SMAs, annuities, CDs or structured notes.

Data-Driven & Rules-Based

An objective, rules-based methodology – based on a proprietary thematic beta factor – underpins our investment process, transforming the way we build our thematic models.

Automated Workflow

From portfolio construction to rebalancing to tax optimization, our automated workflow helps optimize performance, minimize human error and lower costs.

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